COR-MICRO rotary positioning stage

Posizionatore rotativo COR-MICRO

COR-MICRO rotary positioning stage

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Angular range: ±360°
Step: 100/560 µrad
Maximum angular velocity: 13 RPM
Load/weight ratio: up to 10
Maximum load: 500 g
Assembly dimensions: 23 (diameter) x 20 mm (height)
Weight: 50 g
Voltage: 50/150 VDC
Capacitance: 75 nF

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COR-MICRO is a rotary positioning stage for applications in industry, metrology and research which can provide high loading capacity despite the low weight and size.
The COR-MICRO stage grants ease in the achievement of minimum steps in the order of the micro-radians.
COR-MICRO is precise, with virtually no backlash and with no need for lubrication.
Multiple COR-MICRO can be interfaced for multi-axis solutions. Customers can request customizations to make COR-MICRO fit for the specific application for maximum flexibility.

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