COR-PS linear positioning stage

Posizionatore lineare COR-PS

COR-PS linear positioning stage

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Versions: SC.1, SC.2, SC.3, HC.1, HC.2, SA.1, SA.2
Stroke: 0.125/0.145 mm, extendable in custom versions
Closed-loop resolution: 0.22/15 nm
Closed-loop linearity error: 0.0022/0.027%
Closed-loop repeatability: 1.5/15 nm
Full stroke-maximum load: 5 kg
Reduced stroke-maximum load: 8/10 kg
Working temperature: -10/60°C
Moving plate surface: 70×70 mm
Assembly dimensions: 100 x 110 x (23/29/46) mm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Voltage: -20/150 VDC
Capacitance: 2.74/5.86 µF

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COR-PS is a linear positioning stage for applications in industry, metrology and research which can provide resolutions down to 0.22 nm in the COR-PS.SA.2 version.
The COR-PS stage is robust to external noise thanks to its design, which grants high inertia and stability to mechanical vibrations, and to the electronics, which is designed to limit external disturbances.
COR-PS is precise, with virtually no backlash and with no need for lubrication. It allows applications with a variety of loads and in a large dynamic range; it can be used with good results in open-loop control mode or, if strong performances are required, in closed-loop control mode.
Multiple COR-PS can be interfaced for multi-axis solutions. Customers can request custom calibration procedures or custom mechanical interfaces for maximum flexibility.

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