Gri-Phi microgrippers

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Gri-Phi microgrippers

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Sample sizes: 0.02/0.2 mm (type A), 0.2/1 mm (type B), 1/3 mm (type C)
Stroke: up to 0.8 mm (type A), up to 0.7 mm (type B), up to 0.5 mm (type C)
Gripping force: up to 2 N (types A, B), up to 4 N (type C)
Gripping time: < 100 ms Voltage: 150 V Capacitance: 1.44 µF Working cycles: > 30 million

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The Gri-Phi microgrippers represent an excellent option for micromanipulation and micro-assembly duties, mainly thanks to the high resolution (less than 0.1 mm) and the high opening/closure speed of the jaws (a few tens of milliseconds).
The design, which relies on FEM techniques, grants control over opening and can be completed with sensors for closed-loop control. The design and the materials allow for a very prolonged usage, with a tested duration of more than 30 million opening/closure cycles.
Customization can further extend the possible practical applications, including those occurring in high vacuum environments and space. Jaws, which can be both monolithic or interchangeable, can be designed basing on the specific needs of a customer.
The Gri-Phi Driver electronics by Phi Drive grants a fast and easy actuation of the grippers, and offers a standalone control mode or, as an alternative, via PC or PLC commands.


Clamping force
up to 2N, up to 4N
up to 0.5 mm, up to 0.7 mm, up to 0.8 mm