Centrifugal compact fans

Efficiency compact Radial fans with radial blades

Compared to the axial version, the centrifugal fans favor pressure over air flow and speed.
Depending on the design of the blades, the following are different: models and fields of application.

  • The centrifugal fans with small forward blades, also called blowers, always have an auger to increase the air pressure. A silent centrifugal fan suitable both as an extractor and as a blower.
  • In the case of the centrifugal fan with radial blades, also called simply radial fan, the blades are placed in the opposite position to rotation, this feature allows to develop high speeds and a high pressure flow suitable for suction.

Centrifugal fans are mainly used in hoods, stoves, ventilation systems, racks, beverage dispensers and very compact applications where a high air flow pressure is required.

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