Gri-Phi Driver Minimal driver for piezoelectric grippers

griphi driver minima

Gri-Phi Driver Minimal driver for piezoelectric grippers

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Power supply: 24 VDC
Channels: 2
Signal connectors: BNC
Power amplification: yes
Control signal generation: no
Graphical User Interface: no

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Gri-Phi Driver provides power and, in the Basic and Standalone versions, also an adequate command law which gives the best functionality to the Gri-Phi grippers. To further increase flexibility, every Gri-Phi Driver product can control 1 or 2 Gri-Phi grippers.
The Minimal version represents a comfortable option for users who prefer external sources of command signals; it then provides a correct power amplification. The BNC connectors in this version allow for easy connection of an external signal source.
The Basic and Standalone versions extend the features of Gri-Phi Driver to the on-board generation of the command signal, thus making the grippers-driver system independent. These versions include an expansion port and a USB port to grant driver programming via PC or PLC.